Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt or fiberglass roofing material is by far the most common type in Orlando and all of Central Florida. They are often the easiest to clean. Our process does not involve pressure washing but rather a chemical treatment. This kills the bacteria and other offending growth rather than simply rinsing it away. This results in a longer lasting clean. This process is proven and is the only one recommended by the Roof Manufacturers of America.  The results are same day and nearly 100% effective.

Why Choose Us


Our roof cleaning equipment is quiet and efficient. Your roof will be both cleaned and rinsed with same day results.


We have been cleaning roofs in Central Florida for over a decade. So whether your roof is black, green or brown we can help.


We can clean the majority of clients's roofs without ever stepping on them. We carry goggles, gloves and harnesses and we communicate with our clients and are mindful of their property.

High Expectations

Our roof cleaning services are performed with great care and with great attention to detail. Your roof will be cleaned as though you will be walking on it and not as if your roof has blind spots that no one will notice. We want to deliver a long lasting clean and win a client for life. Our technicians are polite, considerate and competent. We are flexible and cognizant of your needs and the needs of your property. If you are looking for a roof cleaning company that not only cleans your roof well but respects your time, property and is appreciative of your business you have found it.

The crew showed up on time and went straight to work. They were very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. My roof turned out much better than I expected. They ensured all plants were covered and they hoses down any area that could not be covered. I would use these guys again and plan on recommending to all the neighbors. Great job guys!

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Roof Rinse

Rinsing a roof that has been treated is a vital step to the cleaning process as it will save your garden from the runoff of dried chemical days later when it rains. Some companies will leave it on to "let it keep working" however if it rains before the chemicals are neutralized (within 2 weeks) by the sun all it does is reactivate the chemical and it goes to work on the roof AND lawn as it comes down. Rinsing allows us to flood the chemical making it safe on your lawn and surroundings. Usually here in Florida you will not have enough rain to completely dilute the chemicals, rather you just re-activate the chemical solution. This is why we rinse your roof with water.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning FAQs

Have a question about our roof cleaning service? Below are some frequently asked questions.
Do you pressure wash roofs?
No we do not pressure wash roofs. This is a dangerous practice for both the roof and the person on it. Using pressure on an asphalt shingle roof can create leaks and cause massive granule loss. It can also void the warranty of your roof. Using high pressure on a tile roof can make it lose color (see this video), cause leaks and create a slippery situation for the tech cleaning the roof - pulling the trigger can make one lose their balance. Pressure washing is also simply not the best way to make a roof clean. It does not kill the growth and simply does not last as long as a chemical roof treatment. So although we may rinse using a pressure washer we do not walk your roof with a pressure gun or apply pressure to it.
Do you use harsh chemicals?
Our chemical solution is tough otherwise it will not kill the algae and bacteria on your roof. That being said it is perfectly safe in the right hands. It is not toxic and will not harm your roof. It is however strong enough to do the job. If we were to use the 'green chemicals' some cleaning forums and websites talk about we would be out of business quickly as it works on less than a tenth of roofs (the almost clean ones) and it takes days to take effect. The solution costs up to 10 times as much resulting in a higher price passed to the customer. If you can find a company that uses it they will very likely show up and determine that your roof is "beyond a basic cleaning" meaning they will have to use the tough stuff anyways and will still charge you the higher price. Our treatment is the only one recommended by the Roof Manufacturers of America.
Will you clean my windows after the roof cleaning is done?
We do not clean windows unless requested and quoted prior to your roof cleaning visit. We do rinse all windows, walls and surfaces with water as we work to minimize any streaking and to avoid creating slippery surfaces. We do more rinsing than anything else!
How long does a roof cleaning last?
A typical roof cleaning can last anywhere from 2-4 years. Since each environment is different we cannot guarantee any specific length of time between cleanings.
Will my roof look clean the same day?
Yes our treatment is very quick and our process typically takes less than 4-6 hours to clean a residential roof. All areas that are treated will look clean the same day they are treated.
Is there a safer, natural or biodegradable option to using man made chemicals?
For roofs that are just beginning to show signs of growth there are a few products that will clean your roof, not usually in one day, but can be effective to a degree. The reason we don't use these product is not only due to the expense that we would have to pass to our customers but also because we have yet to find a roof that is clean enough to offer this solution. All of our calls are from customers whose roofs are visibly dirty and past the point where a 'green' spray will work. They are a mainly preventative measure and ineffective when the roof has significant growth. The solution we use is the only one recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association).
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