Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

A business' image and regular maintenance go hand in hand. As you a property owner or manager you no doubt place a high value on your property's image and the impression if gives of your business. We offer our services to you starting from the roof down. We are a comprehensive cleaning company that offers many cleaning services. We extend our services to all commercial clients in Orlando and the surrounding areas. We are a one stop shop. See our full list of services below. Here are some great reasons to consider having you roof cleaned using our safe cleaning methods. Central Florida is full of busy professionals and we understand your time is valuable. Let us handle the dirty work for you and help you check one thing (or more) off your list.

Our Advantages

Long Lasting Clean (kills offending bacteria and algea)
Quick Visits (Pressure washing can take up to 8 times longer)
Less time standing on your roof (if any at all)
Will not damage your roof (Pressure washing can cause leaks and shingle damage)
Will not void your roof warranty. Pressure washing may.
Safer for our team.

Office Buildings

Central Florida is home to thousands of office buildings and more are on the way. Nearly all of them needs a roof cleaning service at some point. Whether its a membrane roof or a tile or asphalt shingle roof we can help. We have cleaned commerical properties for over a decade. We are proud to see our finished work everyday as we pass through the streets and highways of Orlando's Metro Area. We hope that you will give us a call and let us make your property look new again.

Shopping Plazas

Whether individually or as a single visit we off our roof cleaning services to all stores and shops in strip malls or shopping plazas. We have done work for plaza managers for years. We are equipped and experienced to perform cleaning services that don't interfere with business or foot traffic.


Whether your roof is asphalt, tile or membrane we can help. A regular program of cleaning is essential to maintain the energy efficiency as well as the look of your roof when seen from the ground or by higher nearby buildings. Restaurants roofs can be particularly hot and even greasy requiring regular attention.

Shopping Malls

Although the roofs of large malls are not often seen they still need to be maintained. The cleaning of membrane roofing material is essential for energy conservation, pest control and the longevity of your roof. If there are higher buildings nearby your mall's roof may be visible and stand out as an eye-sore if not properly maintained. We clean shopping center roofs, providing much need maintenance for your large investment.

Types of Commercial Properties

We offer our services to nearly all commerical properties in Central Florida

Safety Policy

Our workers can be found on many different types of job sites. They are familiar with just as many different job site safety requirements. It is important that our workers create a safe environment when working inside or outside your home.
Ladder and and Step-stool Safety
Roof Safety
Wet Floor and Hose Safety
Safe Handling of Client Property

The crew showed up on time and went straight to work. They were very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. My roof turned out much better than I expected. They ensured all plants were covered and they hoses down any area that could not be covered. I would use these guys again and plan on recommending to all the neighbors. Great job guys

Don Lee
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Other Services

When you need a lot of exterior cleaning done it can be a headache trying to find multiple companies to do everything you need. Sunfire offers a variety of cleaning services. We are not just roof cleaners who do other services, but we are a full service building maintenance company. We have been doing exterior building maintenance from the beginning and are fully equipped and experienced. Give us a call for a free estimate today. Thanks for visiting our site!

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