Why Choose Sunfire

The Sunfire Roof Cleaning Advantage

So what makes our service different? It starts with the simple things. Getting the basics right. We arrive on time, we do our work while being respectful of your property and we don't leave until the job is finished. When you schedule to have your roof cleaned you don't want to have to worry about a company not showing up, showing up late, changing the price when they arrive, being rude or otherwise unprofessional or simply not doing the work well. We understand these issues exist with many service companies and we not only aim to be different but we excel in these areas. We are honest and polite and our work and behavior gives clear evidence that hiring right, training well, and supporting our techs with reliable equipment and a reliable scheduling process creates is a formula for success.

How We Work

  • Results - We clean your roof as if YOU were going to walk it. Meaning we don't just clean what can be seen from the ground.
  • Equipment - We use a low-pressure system made for roof cleaning rather than a power washer, resulting in a quicker, safer and longer lasting service.
  • Process: Our system kills algae, bacteria, lichen & moss rather than just washing it around resulting in a longer lasting clean.
  • Safety: Walking around on a roof is dangerous. Our techs are usually able to perform the cleaning from the safety of ladders. This also lowers the risk of roof damage from someone walking on.
  • Licensed & Insured: You can feel comfortable knowing that we are insured and properly licensed.
  • Specialist: Sunfire Roof Cleaning specializes in roof and exterior cleaning. We are not a group of handymen who sometimes clean roofs. This is what we do and we have a proven method that is recommended by ARMA.

Our Crew

Experts at every service we do.
Trained on and off the job.
Uniformed on professionally dressed.
Friendly and honest.

If you're a picky person and expect attention to detail from the work you hire people to do then Sunfire Specialty Cleaning is the right company to hire. It's obvious they care about the work they do, double, and even triple checking the work after they've completed it to ensure your happy... without you having to ask. They have done chandelier cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure cleaning for us, and always do a great job. I highly recommend them.

Shereef M
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Other Services

When you need a lot of exterior cleaning done it can be a headache trying to find multiple companies to do everything you need. Sunfire offers a variety of cleaning services. We are not just roof cleaners who do other services, but we are a full service building maintenance company. We have been doing exterior building maintenance from the beginning and are fully equipped and experienced. Give us a call for a free estimate today. Thanks for visiting our site!

Can't find an answer? Call us at (407) 801-3006 or send an email on our contact page.